Camerawork for 
Experimental Dance Short Film by Rica Zinn 
TOCCO is a 17:26 minute long experimental dance short film that features ten dancers in an endless black space. It tells a story about the experience of loneliness and the very deep seated longing for Berührung. 
"Imagine" "You are here now." "I am glad that you are here." 
An utopia of togetherness 
This shortfilm is an experiment, an artistic research: It explores aspects of media transformation, improvisation and contact dance in a digital context. How can you connect with the others, when you find yourself alone on the dance floor? How can real-world touch be transferred into the digital space? How can bodies fuse together through time, space and movement? How can we use the digital post-production process to create a choreography and new digital bodies? 

Thanks to 

Cina Mael Bockstahler 
Norbert Dorow 
David Ernst 
Verena Gerjets 
Paul-Louis Lelièvre 
Charlotte Pfingsten 
Julika Schlegel 
Susanne Wehowsky 
Rouven Will 
Kim Wrigley 
Bernhard Stiehle 
Mohamed Abuiyada 
Nathan Bontrager 
Matthias Koschnitzke 
Pamela Annecke 
Marcela Leon Espinoza 
and many more for your gorgeous wonderful support !!
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